Pet Spray Probiotics Zooming up the sales ladder on Amazon. Pet Probiotics breaks record in the bird

Today was a "well now" take"paws" kind of day. I just received a email from Dr. Charles Livingston on how the product we made for him is "flying" out of Neither of us had any idea that a dog and cat spray probiotic would be the worlds leading seller for birds on Amazon! See picture next to this posting. We did know it will clean the skin and help promote feather growth, but birds were not our target market and was not in our game plan. $UPRISE! Anyway, it is always that feeling similar to being a new Dad when a great customer believes in your wisdom and manufacturing, then lets you help them, and then seeing them run to the bank with our help and their marketing genius! WOW moment...Congrats Dr. Livingston. I still think you made up that name to to get in the pet probiotic business. Anyway, it seems to be working! Kudos to you from us and all the P.A.W.S. folks here at phPets.US

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