Avalon Stables in Lutz Florida has another winner!

In the world of show horses and expensive highend horse ownership there is one name in Florida that tends to lead the area, and we are proud to be helping in the health of some of the most beautiful animals on the planet. It is always a education in Equine knowledge when we visit with Pam Roush the owner of Avalon Stables. We are looking forward to joining her at the up coming horse show in June she is sponsoring and continuing to make superior high performance horse health at an affordable price to those that do business with this wonderful place. Let me say, personally as I travel to Avalon Stables in Lutz Fl, and if I was a horse, this is the place to hang out. Wonderful old Florida Oak trees, ponds, beautiful green long grass, shade trees, and much more. What is even more fun some the horses now know my SUV and delightfully come and see me when I arrive. Now that is horse scents or sense?! Either way makes me happy!! I dont know who is more happy me or them.....being part of Avalon's winner circle is a honor.

Also enjoy my weekly video update from around the globe on why we are in this business. If you want to be featured with us send us a video via google drive, or if you are in Florida we are glad to bring out our team and video you, your cat, your dog, your bird, your horse, or even your stable, or store. If you sell or use our ProPerformance Equine Probiotics we especially want to receive your video message.

Contact us: Michael@pHpets.US

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