Animal Probiotics Meets Pet Probiotics and Coral Calcium Neighbor the marriage is going great!

Let me say it has been nothing short of thrilling to be blending equine horse probiotics and talking to trainers and vets about probiotics. Every shipment leaving the plant is a testament to those that "get it". The addition of Avalon Stables is a testiment to our and owner Pam Roush healthy nutrition requirements and brand equity building based on high performance achievements and morals.

Talking to vet's though is a mixed camp, so education is key, but backed with lab and University testing as proof our job is getting easier. The health benefits are real and that is why we offer a money back promise on every order. In thirty days if you follow our directions on the label you will see and notice a remarkable difference. Proof, no one has asked for their money back, so a lot of horse power out there running around!

Making probiotic blends and mixes in different Cfu's from 1b up to 300b cfu and more can be a challenge, since not all of them like to "work together". Taking different probiotics and mixing and matching is like painting a picture, some times you keep it, and well sometimes it is just not right for whatever reason. If you do not know what a Probiotic Cfu is, please take a moment and look on our site phPets.US then under Probiotics.

The really great enhancement has come with our recent addition of Certified Coral Calcium for our aligned Farm, Pet and Livestock natural mineral partnership and licensing. Now not only can your animal or pet benefit from real working probiotics, but we took a giant jump and now have 74 Certified Natural Earth Minerals in our ProPerformance Line of Pet Probiotics, Horse Probiotics and Animal Probiotics. You can pull down and print our actual Certificate of Analysis on the minerals on this web site. You will be amazed. Heck I even eat it and enjoy it since it is all natural and no taste or smell.

Our blends are all natural, tasteless, odorless, and ground into .325 microns so you cannot even feel it on the tongue. This special technique means there are no issues at feeding time. Simply mix into dry feed for horses, or any wet or dry food for cats, dogs, birds, mice and etc. Happy Health, and Happy Feeding!

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