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Our business is all about natural and organic products for pets and animals that contain probiotics and promote true natural health. We manufacture, joint venture, co-license, cross patent, private label, sell and develop only pet probiotic and animal probiotic products along with natural mineral products. Our opportunity mix consist of the following lines and probiotic products. We are seeing steady sales increases due to to superior quality, fair pricing, and our personal obligations to only making the best animal probiotic products, and pet probiotic products in the world. Welcome to our place.
What we do. Our Lines of Business in 2015-2016.
Product development, private label, and National and International Distribution via relationships, and partnering. Opening in Cebu Phillipines in 2015-2016 to Asia, Australia, and other hidden markets.
Hand made natural animal shampoo
with probiotics for dogs and horses.
Animal probiotics with natural & soon organic certified high performance natural feed/food additives for all animals.
We distribute Natural Certified Minerals in the USA, Canada, Asia, and EU in our products or
as a raw material via our partners.
We distribute Dry and Wet Probiotics in the
USA, Canada, and five non EU countries.
Horse and dog treats with and without probiotics, and with or without natural
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We welcome Avalon Stables in Lutz Florida just outside of Tampa. Avalon Stables is a premier facility for all things horses and Equine Horsemanship.


Our ProPerformance+Plus probiotic and 74 natural mineral feed additive is improving the health, and quality of life at this top flight facility for some very important horse guest. High performance horses require high performance health benefits and nutrition. See the advantages and differences in action. Call or stop by Avalon Stables and know the difference probiotics and natural minerals make in maintaining horse health! How can we help you? Click the Avalon logo above for more information! Also buy our products at Avalon Stables Directly and save!






All natural probiotics and blended food additive minerals for dogs and cats in different concentrations. We have the only probiotic and food additive for baking pet and animal treats and is lab tested for baking, manufacturing and packaging. We make probiotic natural stop itching sprays, natural dog probiotic shampoos that cool skin and relieve hot spots and help stop gnawing and fur loss. Check out our three week aged natural handcrafted probiotic dog only soaps. We even put our special liquid probiotics in our shampoos to vastly improve skin health and clean the skin microscopically and stop insect attraction and biting. Pet H20 wet probiotics mixed with Caco3 you can add to any wet or dry pet food and improve the pet's health with probiotics and 74 all natural certified earth minerals from above-sea coral just by shaking a few drops on the food or into the water bowl. Pet Probiotic Experts! All natural always!





Horse Probiotics or better known as Equine Probiotics are available in Cfu from 1B, 2B, 10B and 300B or blended. Lab proven animal probiotics that work. All dry probiotics can be blended with 74 natural earth minerals from above-sea coral calcium. Add to any horse feed or animal feed, without smell, no taste, no refusal, plus a 30 day money back promise of satisfaction and improved health. Proven healthy in USA, Canada, Switzerland, and EU. Available for dogs and cats and other animals in different blends. Also try our probiotic horse and hoof spray to remove, and defeat bacteria and fungus as a spray on cleaner and liquid bandage.


Famous H3 holistic and all natural probiotic horse and hound shampoo that helps repel fleas, flies, nats, and other biting insects. You'll be impressed!


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