Private Label Dog CBD oil in various strengths and even custom blends, and private label dog CBD Hemp Supplements in dog treats, dog jerky, and even private label dog salmon oil with optional cbd. If you need a hemp or cbd product we have it and can formulate it into a dog treat or jerky for your private label.

Private label dog probiotic treats or private label dog probiotic supplement opportunities exist for pets, animals, and people. Opps, the last one we do, but not here on this site. So, if you are looking to make a private label dog probiotic product or just sell packaged private label dog probiotics with your name on it that we have ready for market, we can help you, and we do that, really well and very cost effectively. You can leverage our relationships, contracts, and experience to rapidly deploy and get you in market with a quality animal probiotic, pet probiotic, probiotic treat, probiotic spray, probiotic lotion, and probiotic soaps and natural probiotic shampoo's. Private label dog cbd hemp product supplements are gaining ground and getting hotter. Feeling creative? We can help with too!


Private Label Dog CBD Hemp Supplements: As you know people are taking more and more CBD and hemp for a number of medical and personal reasons. CBD is great to remove and reduce swelling, pain, and to stop or reduce seizures, and tremors, and acts as natures calming agent. Back CBD up with hemp and now you have private label dog cdb and pet products that exceed most products on the market. We are seeing more CBD in private label dog treats, private label dog jerky, and private label dog powder supplements. As more private label dog cbd hemp products come to market the sellers are benefiting greatly, and so are the furry people pets that take it. 

Private Label Dog, Pet, Animal Probiotics, say what? Private Label Pet Probiotics really? Why?? As people are becoming more aware of the food they eat, and want to eat healthier and more natural, animals and pets are gaining the benefit of probiotics for animals, and probiotics for pets too. We offer animal probiotics and pet probiotics in two form factors, but in basically unlimited types of product possibilities. Wet probiotics or Dry probiotics is where we start ideas for probiotic products and the knowledge fountain contains plenty of ways to make it happen.



Liquid Animal and Pet Private Label Probiotic Supplements: We have wet probiotics for cleaning product ideas, mixing minerals, spray form, and more.  Wet probiotics are great on "walk off" mats or trays for animals to put their hoofs in as they head out to pasture or back in from the pasture to reduce and stop bacteria and fungus issues in the hoof or foot. If you can imagine it, have a budget, and ready to start development we can keep you in budget, and on the path to success instead of the path to ruin. Wet probiotics are new to this country but we are seeing growing use in Canada, and USA, and other non EU countries. We really like the effectiveness of them. We have great real truths to share with you.


Powder Private Label Probiotics for Animals, Dogs, other Pets: Certain dry probiotics that we license can with stand certain manufacturing for heat, cold, squeezing, applying on treats, and in food as a dry additive. Also we mix dry probiotics in to custom feed / food additives for dogs, cats, horses, and other animals. We offer 11 different types of dry probiotics. Not all probiotics we have can be baked or cooled. Depending on your needs and requirements, we have ideas, relationships and inventory to produce your product. Some probiotics are good for certain products, and some are not so good alone but can be blended in 1 kilo increments as well to make a custom probiotic solution. This makes for a better wide ranging animal probiotic product, and pet probiotic products. Probiotics come in single serving strip packs, to bulk shipments in kilo sizes, you decide size, yes we can supply it in tonage as well.


Probiotic Knowledge Cfu: Cfu means Colony Forming Unit. This is the measurement of the number of bacteria colonies. We have available Cfu's from 1billion, 2billion, 10billion, 300billion and more. Custom animal and pet probiotic blends with other animal and pet probiotics and other dry products such as our caco3 above-sea coral calcium with 74 additional natural certified minerals. All of our probiotics and minerals are human grade, we will not use or encourage you to use inferior and often times poor quality probiotics that can get you in to court. Your success is our probiotic success!


How to get started: Usually, we start with simple ideas and exchanges of ideas, and then proceed to NDA's, non compete's and other agreements depending on the type of business is being proposed and our role, if we have one beyond manufacturing. We want to talk, share, and brain storm, but most important is to get you to market fast and on budget. Contact us.


Animal Probiotics and Pet Probiotic Benefits: If you think of the reason people need to take probiotics and the benefits people receive from probiotics you will find a cross over into the animal probiotic and pet probiotic worlds. A few reasons and benefits. First as animals get older the probiotic (good bacteria) in the stomach and gut diminishes therefore (bad bacteria) take over the gut and spread outward to affect different parts of the body internally, and externally as skin irritations. Bad bacteria is no longer in check by the good guys! Think of the gut as the center of the universe for people and animals. Bad bacteria as invaders, and then you have a power struggle. Everything starts from the quality of the gut and volume of the probiotics within. A lack of probiotics in the system will often create issues in the body, immune system issues, as well as start to appear as bad skin, patchy fur, arthritis inflammation in joints, digestion issues, auto immune failure and body weakening along with poor nutrition retention, T blood cell counts falling and more not so good things start to flare up and quality of life start to diminish as animals and pets age, and medications are taken. Medications can often weaken other body systems, while defending another under lying issue. Ever see a medical disclaimer on tv, makes you wonder how is that even possible to be sold. We do not have disclaimers on our products for two reasons, 1) they work and 2) they are all natural and or organic. Our probiotics are backed with true clinical trial lab data on people that is then retested and extrapolated into the actions and chemicals of a animals gut and what is going on and how the gut works in pets and animals. Also, we have University studies from leading Universities in the USA and other countries that support our claims and knowledge. We are one of a few companies that when we make a claim can stand up and prove it. Companies that state the probiotics in animals does not work, simply do not have the resources we have that can prove otherwise, or have mis-tested or even used the wrong probiotics for the desired results. Not all probiotics can do all things, so you have to know the type of animal probiotic or pet probiotic along with the issue to be solved and the correct path to improvement. A lot of people really market the word probiotic with little to no benefit to the animal or pet, but they did hit your emotional spot, and you read the word probiotics and you jumped in with your purchasing power, just like some yogurt folks remember that used to make claims about health.


There is a lot of misconceptions out there lurking in the bushes. Speaking of bushes, one to the ways people created and added probiotics in the gut was back when you were a child, you did this by eating dirt. ugh! Now I am not suggesting you go eat a handful of dirt now, but understand that when you were little that is how you got more probiotics in your gut, or stomach and added to the various strains in your system. Eat dirt in the USA get probiotics, eat dirt in Europe get another type of probiotic. Bacteria is in the soil naturally, so dirt is a source, but do not go buy a dump truck load of dirt to eat! Remember, good bacteria is a natural part of our ecosystem. Medical reasons for taking probiotics are all over the Internet. If you have an animal on medications, or has digestion issues, bad skin, and you see fur loss, then you have valuable visual lesson from the gut that bad bacteria has or is taking over and is winning and probiotics are on the decline, and bad bacteria is on the upswing. Pet probiotics and animal probiotics will help build immune systems, increase T cell count, and repair skin and reduce or stop fur loss from the inside out by resetting the microflora of bacteria in the gut and building out the probiotic repair. Combine this with our wet probiotic spray to repair and clean the skin you have fast exterior results. Add our natural earth certified coral calcium with 74 minerals and one of our animal probiotics you have a powerful fix for your animal or pet. Coral Calcium and 74 natural minerals goes a long way towards solving most animal and pet skin and even some internal issues. Nails, hoofs, fur, digestion, temperment improve and strength increases. Have a look at our High Performance Equine Horse Probiotics that can be blended for dogs and cats.




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