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Private Label Dog Powder Food TopperSupplements
Private Label Pet Supplements| Private Label Pet Food Topper Supplements
Private Label Dog Treats
Private Label Dog Supplements
private label dog pet cat probiotic supplements

Private label dog probiotics

Private Label Dog Supplements
Private Label Dog Supplements

Private label dog supplements

Private Label Dog CBD Hemp

Private label dog treats

private label dog probiotics| pet dog probiotic supplements
Private Lable Dog Probiotics| Private Label Dog Supplements



Private Label Dog Supplements and more.

42 Strains of Probiotics, 4 K9 Specific, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin + Custom Formulas

Need a Private Label Pet Supplements for horses, dog, or cats? Let's talk.


Private label dog supplements are moving on Amazon and as people are seeing their pets get older, this makes for a perfect opportunity for your private label dog supplement business. We can make your private label dog supplement into a dental stick, a treat, a food powder topper and more. Ok, so here we can brag, explain, and let you know some things that will help you and not slow you down. So, you have an idea, or you want some really natural and healthy products for your store, online business, home use, pet, horse, vet office, or horse stable, welcome to our spot on the digital globe. You are in the right place to make your private label pet supplement. Learn a few things, and see some cool fun naturally healthy products when you click and follow our links to our other sites from the home page. We only do business development with like minded people and companies big and small that are into improving animal and pet life styles with private label pet supplements.


Probiotics Lesson: We stock, sell, export probiotics in several form factors. We have liquid or wet probiotics that are excellent for sprays, water additives, and microscopic skin cleaners, probiotic spray on bandages, animal stall and housing cleaners, horse and hoof cleaners that will remove bacteria naturally away from the skin surface up to three days. We can prove this by testing any surface with a ATP meter and we see it in action daily. We also have the only probiotic you can bake or heat, or chill with and will withstand certain manufacturing processes. Probiotics come in Cfu's which mean Colony Forming Unit. The more the Cfu's the more probiotics, but wait, it does not mean more into your gut. The test of a good probiotic is does it make it "live" into the gut, many die off along the journey to the gut. Probiotics can come in many forms, but we only use lab tested, and proven probiotics. We test each and every product in order to make a FDA and FTC compliant claim. There is a big big difference between "time of manufacture" claim, and "proven to exist in the gut claims". Depending on the dosage, cfu, probiotic type, and other factors, a 1billion cfu probiotic can out perform a 20 billion cfu probiotic because of molecular make up. Bigger Cfu count does not mean better results. Be a smart buyer. When we make a claim it is lab tested and proven. So ask us for facts and surviability counts from the lab. Only use real lab proven probiotics in your products.


New Pet Specific Probiotics & Blends: We are now releasing a new 5 to 9 blend probiotic strains that has been tested on dogs that is Canine designed, developed and proven in clinical applications. This product is in full production now. To even push the health benefit more for older dogs and puppies, we have added Lactobacillus Acidophilus. This special and proprietary blend has 10 billion cfu/gram and can be made even stronger if required. We also can as a option add our Above Sea Coral Calcium with 74 Natural Earth Minerals that most dogs and cats are missing. Super boost this powder by adding Glucosamine MSM and Chrodrotin that is Amazon approved to give a very big boost over anything in the market for total body pet health.


Private Label Pet Supplements: Powdered & wet pet supplements with or without probiotics, never needs refrigeration and can have our mineral blend added. Add pet supplement Glucosamine MSM and or Chondroitin for an excellent top off. This  makes a super pet supplement that can be a private label with super benefits from head to tail and stomach probiotic microflora. Custom private label pet supplements wholesale and blended to your formula or use one of ours. Call us or email to discuss competitive advantages we blend into your product.


Licenses: We cross license technology, partner, joint venture, manufacture, exchange and share ideas, license patents, sell and distribute products in USA, Canada, Asia, and Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, and certain EU countries. In each of these countries you will find us either in another product or one of our own products. Our distribution partner in non EU countries is Universal Biology in Norway. We leverage the exclusive relationships to your advantage so we all win.


Cost of Doing Business: Because we also have a partnership arrangement with the best, yes, we can prove it with lab analysis, pharmaceutical grade and certified above-sea coral calcium which contains 74 earth natural rich minerals we are connected to the source of caco3 in most markets for food, pharmaceutical, pet, animal and other areas that require proven and documented health benefits. If you are using calcium from say Japan, well you might have a problem, after those nuclear reactors melted. No one can beat us on price as we have a family and business obligation relationship and control sales and distribution from the mine to the shelf. Price is determined on a case by case basis. If you are price conscious, we can generally help you enjoy wider profits since we are the source, and we can improve your market place leverage from using our formulas, logistics, expertise and knowledge. We also can make sample runs, give you real advice, and produce as few as 500 units or when you really get moving run, label, box, insert and fill 10,000 units or more with our contract FDA facility in a matter of hours and days. No worries, we are going to do this together, ready to send us a note, please do.


We have the only Certified Organic Coral Calcium with 74 minerals in the world and can prove it. Contact us for certifications. Pharmaceutical grade, pure and in horse food supplements, pet food and supplements plus live stock supplements. We are partners in the mine and can grind it to your specifications.

private label probiotic dog supplements
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